We have a full range of Bible Fellowship Groups for everyone. If you are not involved in a Bible Fellowship or Small Group Ministry why don’t you try out some of our groups this Sunday? You will discover that being part of one is the most important thing you can do at First Baptist.

A listing of fellowship groups, teachers and a description of each group will help you decide which one to try. It is the way you connect with others, study the Bible, serve others, and grow as a Christian.

Director: Shea Boyt
* 8 Weeks-11 Months - Adriana Rush & Allison Lofton
* 12-23 Months - Dane & Kayla Terrell
* 2 Year Olds - Leigh Rush, Jacque Fontenot & Marilyn Mullikin
* 3 Year Olds - Travis and Jessie Mauthe
* Kindergarten - Sara Cade & Connie McConathy

Director: Melody Murchison
* 1st/2nd Grade - Sheryl Hatcher
* 3rd/4th Grade - David & Shannon Dark
* 5th/6th Grade - Phyllis Collins & Tim Murchison

* 7th/8th Grade Girls & Guys - Laura Waldrip & Mike McConathy
* 9th Grade Girls & Guys - Jessica McGrath & Chad Waldrip
* 10th Grade Girls & Guys - Hunter Mullikin & Mike McGrath
* 11/12 Grade Girls & Guys - Michelle Harris & Gary Conlay

College - Jason Colvin and Laramie Williams

 Young Adults • Coed • Taught by Brandt Vickers & Stephen Axsom
 Fellowship Group with Average Age (25)

 Grace In Action • Ladies • Taught By Tanya Conlay
 Fellowship Group with Average Age (35) 

Faithweavers • Adult Coed • Taught by Ken Bates
Fellowship Group with Average Age (42)

Spirit Seekers • Adult Coed • Taught by Steve Crews & Larry Morgan
Fellowship Group with Average Age (50)

Couples Fellowship • Adult Coed • Taught by Bill Collins
Fellowship Group with Average Age (55)

Faith Joy • Ladies • Taught by Carol White
Fellowship Group with Average Age (60)

Men's Bible Fellowship • Men • Taught by Edwin Dunahoe
Fellowship Group with Average Age (60)

The Living Bread • Adult Coed • Taught By Steve Murphy, & Walt Moore
Fellowship Group with Average Age (65)

Couples Too • Senior Adult Coed • Taught by David Kees, Sr.
Fellowship Group with Average Age (72)

Senior Adult Ladies & Men • Taught by Toni Bennett & Jewell Presson
Fellowship Group with Average Age (75+)

Natchitoches Assisted Living Bible Fellowship  • Seniors • Taught by Neil Bennett & Paul Rinehart
Fellowship Group meets every Tuesday at 10:00 am