Celebration Place

Celebration Place is designed to inspire kids (1st-6th grade) with hope, joy, and friendships while they learn to rely on God. Celebration Place goes hand in hand with the 8 Principles of Celebrate Recovery. It is a program designed to take children through the principles in a way that they can understand them. While adults grapple with the concept of grace, kids get to experience how the leper felt when Jesus healed him. While adults talk about keeping their sanity, kids talk about ways they can put their worries and disappointments in God's hands. Children enjoy a journey filled with songs, games, videos, impactful experiences and great friendships while learning truth that will help them overcome life's challenges by learning to lean on Jesus. Children attending Celebration Place must have a parent attending Celebrate Recovery. Celebration Place meets each Thursday from 6:00 to 8:00 pm in The ZONE.