How Do I Join First Baptist?

Request Membership-We receive new members during and after the invitation hymn at the close of a worship service.  You can become a new member of First Baptist Church...

  • By Profession of Faith-Making a public commitment to Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord and being baptized by immersion during one of our worship services. 
  • By Transfer of Membership-Upon a person's request for membership  from another Southern Baptist Church, the church office will write to the church where your membership is and request that your name be deleted from their membership and added to ours.
  • By Statement of Faith-If your membership records are not available (lost or the church has been disbanded, etc.) you may join First Baptist by your statement that you have accepted Jesus Christ and were baptized by immersion after your conversion.

Meet with Pastor or a Ministry Staff Member - We simply want to speak with you about your faith and learn how we can assist you in your desire to grow in Christ.

New Members are also encouraged to attend a First Connection Fellowship. Every two months we have a Sunday Night Fellowship called First Connections. We have some great food and fellowship and we also have a time for sharing information related to the mission and ministries of the church.