Make the Connection

The staff and leadership of First Baptist define our success as a church family by how effectively our people are connecting to God in Worship, connecting with God's people in Bible study and small groups, and connecting to God's plan in ministry and missions.

Connect to God in Worship!
The reason we do all that we do as a church is to bring glory to God. This is why worship is the priority! Worship is more than singing and sermons. It's a lifestyle that seeks to honor God through our actions and attitudes--every way, every day. Spend time in worship everyday and you long to worship weekly with your church family! Worship is an expression of your heart to God. Make it the priority and everything else will be a blessing.

Connect with God's People in a Weekly Bible Study Class of LIFE Group!
The best way for you to really feel like you belong is by becoming an active part of a Bible Study Class or LIFE Group. These groups learn God's Word together, pray together, encourage one another and fellowship. By connecting to a small group, you will be taking the greatest step you can take to grow in your walk with Christ.

Connect to God's Plan by Being Involved in Ministry or Missions!
We have numerous opportunities for you to serve the Lord. God has blessed each of us at First Baptist with a spiritual gift. You will feel more at home in your church when you are serving the Lord.