FBC Definition of Missions: Meeting needs in order to present the Gospel to people, both like us and different from us, at home and around the globe.

The Goal of Missions at FBC: To know HIM and make HIM known!

Our God is a sending God. He sent His Son to offer salvation to us. And He sends us into the world to make disciples. As the Body of Christ we are to be sent--to our workplace, school or home, to our friends and neighbors, and to the nations. We are sent with the message of reconciliation, a message of hope--the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

At FBC we believe the Great Commission (go and make disciples of all nations), and the Great Commandment (love the Lord and love your neighbor) are non-negotiables of our Christian faith. They are not optional or reserved only for a few. As believers we are called to go across the street, across the states, and across the seas...the only question should be "Will I answer the call, and how soon?" 

As followers of Christ, we have an incredible opportunity to join God's work in the world. The Holy Spirit is preparing hearts and readying the harvest and we must be willing and equipped to share the Gospel no matter where God leads. It's exciting--and challenging--to believe that Jesus asks us to be His messengers, and His hands and feet in this world. Whether you are young or old, a brand new Christian or someone who has been walking with the Lord for many years, Acts 1:8 is for you!