We love our volunteers in the Preschool ministry.  However, our love will pale in comparison to the love you will receive from our preschoolers.  While God may be calling you to love on preschoolers, you will soon discover that they are loving on you.

We believe the best way for parents to be involved in what their child is learning is to become part of the process.  The key to our success is the PH Factor - Parents Helping. The PH Factor spreads the ministry and helps energize our volunteers. We would like to have at least one parent involved in some capacity in our Preschool ministry.  By having at least one parent involved, it means a better ministry for all of our children.  There's a place for most everyone to serve in the First Baptist Preschool ministry.  From teaching to drama, leading kids in worship and training kids to serve, we've got a place for you!

It's easy, we will show you how!  We provide our volunteers with the materials, curriculum, facilities, and proper training to equip them to serve.  There are many opportunities to serve.  For more information on how to get involved, please contact Mrs. Shea Boyt, Preschool Director, at or at the church office at (318) 352-3737.  


  • Smiles & giggles are freely given.
  • Seeing preschoolers growing before your very eyes.
  • Preschoolers think that anything you say, do, or sing is TERRIFIC!
  • Access to all of the Goldfish you could ever want to eat.
  • And the #1 reason: You will be following Jesus' example of welcoming our preschoolers into the Family of God.


Dear Preschool Volunteers,

Thank you so much for volunteering in the preschool extended session.  Our preschoolers are blessed to have so many Christian adults in their lives watching over them every week.  The Preschool Ministry could not run without the volunteers every Sunday Morning.

It is imperative that our Sunday School morning volunteers are in their rooms no later than 20 minutes prior to the service times on Sunday Mornings.  Most visitors arrive about 15 mins before the service and it is important that we are ready to greet and receive their children.

I also want to remind you to find a replacement if for some reason you are unable to help on your scheduled day.

Thank you for helping in share God's Word with our Preschoolers.




We are looking for those who have a heart to serve.  It's not the qualifications listed on a resume that is important - we can find the perfect ministry position for you in our Preschool department.  There are many opportunities for service, whether you would like to serve weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-quarterly, or quarterly, we have the perfect ministry for you.  Our volunteers are teachers, assistant teachers, crafty volunteers, greeters, Special events volunteers, and musical voices.  We need volunteers on Sunday mornings at 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. and Wednesday evenings at 5:30.