Mother's Day Out (MDO)

Registration is now open for the 2016-2017 school year!  If you have a little one aged 8wks-3 years old and would like more information about our wonderful program contact Shea Boyt, Pre-School Ministry Director, at 238-9085 or you can email her at  There are limited number of spaces available in each class! 


Our program provides for children the age of two months (provided they have had their immunizations) through three years of age.  An application form can be picked up at the First Baptist Church office and must be filled out and submitted with the registration and supply fees, which are nonrefundable.  Children currently enrolled and their siblings are given first opportunity when registering for the next school year.

Babies & Toddlers

The teachers in these classes provide a safe and loving environment in which young children can explore and practice independence, build vocabulary and social skills. Our objective for this age group is to provide an environment where each child is encouraged, praised and applauded.  Toys, music, and games are introduced to promote social and physical growth.  We encourage flexibility in schedules because we realize all children and their needs are unique.


Our focus for this age group is to prepare children for their school experience.  Children make a gradual transition into a more structured environment.  We continue to enable children to develop social and physical skills, as well as introduce activities to develop language, cognitive, and motor skills.  Letters and sounds are introduced and math concepts are explored.  Children still spend much of their time in self directed play and developing social skills.  Although the curriculum is more academic in nature, our focus is to create a love for learning by exposing the children to these concepts without insisting on mastery.

Special Events

These are examples of some of the things that we do during the school year:

  • Visits to the Pumpkin Patch
  • Picture Day
  • Visit to the Fire Station
  • Thanksgiving Feast for children and families
  • Field Trips
  • End of Year Program and Reception


Each class will have planned learning activities appropriate for the age of the children, offering a balance of quiet and active play experiences.  A Bible story time is included each day as well as indoor and outdoor activities.  In addition to the daily classroom schedule, once a week children will participate in music time, story time, and Bible time led by trained teachers in these particular areas.