What to Expect at CR

CR is a safe place where you can take off your mask and be who you are. You will find others here who are on the same journey you are. Though the specific issue may be different, the steps for healing are the same. When you walk across the parking lot for the first time, you will be greeted by some friendly people who are here to help you find your place at CR. At 6:00 pm we all gather in the Worship Center for a time of praise, great music, testimonies and teaching. Immediately following our Worship time, there is a Newcomer 101 class that is for our first-time visitors. This group will help you get a better feel for how things flow in the Open Share Small Groups and Step Studies. Finally, at 8:00 we get back together for a few minutes for dessert and coffee in the gym. 

Things We ARE:
A safe place to share...A refuge...A place of belonging...A place to care for others and be cared for...Where respect is given to each member...Where confidentiality is highly regarded...A place to learn...A place to grow and become strong again...Where you can take off your mask...A place for healthy challenges and healthy risks...A possible turning point in your life.

Things We Are NOT:
A place for selfish control...Therapy...A place for secrets...A place to look for dating relationships...A place to rescue or be rescued by others...A place for perfection...A long-term commitment...A place to judge others...A quick fix.